Why should I register on your platform?

Cintellicon helps mechanical project managers who struggle to find reliable manufacturers. We do this by providing credible industry intelligence and connection. Unlike other platforms we communicate in a language of engineers and help them outsource without facing any barriers. Being our community member, as a company, we help you increase the demand for your services and help you plan your capacities for the upcoming months or a year by promoting your services. Unlike other solutions we focus on the information that will help buyers make decisions faster.

What makes your platform different from others?

Our platform provides detailed data on companies capabilities, which project managers and investors are looking for right at the beginning. We focus on the data that will influence decisions and help users get deeper insight into companies’ work. We are supporting managers and investors through audit, consulting and direct matching.

How do you help manufacturers promote their capacities?

Well, our platform has a data structure and user journey that leads the client directly to the manufacturer based on their requirements (product, technology, knowledge, engineers, etc.). Depending on your efforts with filling out the profile, you will have more or less visits. Each data filled in on your profile is recognized as a filter for the search. We promote companies internationally through our channels, chamber of commerces, established networks and different events. We are partnering up with organizations and clusters that share the same values as we do. We are also investing a lot in digital marketing. United promotion of the industry will attract more projects and buyers into our region.

How do you guarantee that all profiles are real companies?

We initiate a call/meeting with the company and ask them for approval. We also do a check in the tax office register. All information is provided by the company and they take the full responsibility for truthfulness. However, Cintellicon team is offering audit services for buyers and product audit services.

How do you ensure vendors are providing high quality services?

Companies are responsible for providing transparent and correct information to the platform. They are responsible for the delivery they make. We are an objective body, who has the vision to match buyers and manufacturers. However, Cintellicon is offering additional services such as audit in the name of buyer, TQM audit with the badge system for companies and visual product audit. All this with the aim to make sure that our customers are happy with the connection they gained through our platform.

How do you charge your services?

Your investment into marketing is a small contribution that will bring a bigger value to the community and individual companies. We charge depending on your number of employees and your annual turn over. We believe that small companies need support and should pay less for marketing and visibility. Basic package ensures the company's full profile visibility and you receive support with updating your profile. We are also providing support with project management and communication between buyer and manufacturer, we do TQM and product audit and we support companies with sales.

Can I contact manufacturers over your platform?

Yes, you have the option to send a message to the manufacturer. We encourage you to use our messenger for communication.

Can I have more than one company registered?

Yes, there is an option, which allows you to have more company profiles at once.

Do I have to register to see the profile of manufacturers?

Yes, all information you would like to access is available only after being registered as a buyer.

What is the difference between freemium and premium accounts?

Freemium account gives access to the company with restricted information. Many data are not visible and at the search process you get less chances to be found.

Premium provides you support with filling in the profile and makes you fully visible for buyers. They will have the opportunity to find you by starting the search process with any of the filters. Increases the chance of being matched.

For buyers premium accounts will give access to the full profile and help buyers learn more about the company prior to contacting their representatives.