About Us

Cintellicon connects mechanical engineers with reliable manufacturers. We do this by providing credible industry intelligence and connections. Unlike other platforms we communicate in a language engineers understand and help outsource manufacturing companies without any barriers.
Vision: By 2030 we are the leading global community platform for the manufacturing outsourcing industry.


We help mechanical engineers save time in finding a reliable manufacturer.
We facilitate partnerships and collaboration based on Quality and Trust.
We support companies with presenting their capabilities internationally.
We aim to boost the global manufacturing outsourcing industry.
We help managers meet their expectations.
We are mapping out the manufacturing industry.

Our Core Team

We are a Team coming from Sarajevo, Banja Luka and San Francisco, and have over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Struggling to find reliable manufacturers motivated us to establish a digital community where all data can be found based on users’ requirements and needs. Our strong network of companies and managers across the globe are already benefiting from our solution.
Milan Kusmuk
Milan Kusmuk, CEO
Andrej Kaurin
Andrej Kaurin, CTO
Sejo Jahic
Sejo Jahic, Investor & Advisor
Silent Industry Advisors
Silent Industry Advisors