Why Become a Member

Cintellicon is a global community of credible manufacturers, who are united to represent certain sectors and territorial areas by creating synergy to deliver products and services for international clients. One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies is to build trust and overcome all stereotypes connected to a certain geographic territory.
Delivering together best solutions with other manufacturers.
Engage in projects and partner with various companies to deliver best solutions for clients.
Entering New Markets
Cintellicon Team can perform business analysis to assist you identify new markets and prepare for exporting.
Trust building
Opportunity to involve in a community that motivates clients to partner with manufacturers while establishing a trusting partnership community.
Increase visibility among a specialized target group of quality assured companies in Europe, resulting in opportunities to increase connections and generate new projects.

How Does It Work?

Selection Criteria

Companies selected to enter Cintellicon’s database underwent a quality assessment audit:

ISO 9001 certificate

Demonstrated financial health

Proven portfolio of products and exporting experience

Just a few steps from closing your first deal